Module of shutter actuators C-JC-0006M
Основные свойства:
• The module is actuator to control up to 6 independent shutter drives.
• Each actuator contains two relays switching the phase alternately to one of its outputs: up/down. Internal wiring and firmware excludes the current phase attach to both outputs even in the event of relay failure.
• It is designed to control the 6 independent motors/drives with separate windings for controlling the running direction.
• Each actuator – a pair of relays – is individually addressable and controllable.
• The module can be switched by the button to manual mode, in which each motor can be controlled separately by selecting the appropriate pair of running direction keys UP/ DOWN.
• Status and error/operation is indicated by the LED on the bottom part of the module.

• The module is connected to the two-wire bus CIB, which provides communication and power supply for the module.
• The module is primarily intended for installation in control cabinets on the DIN rail. • Relay outputs are connected to removable screw type connectors.
• The CIB is also connected to removable screw type connector.