PLC Tecomat Foxtrot – expansion modules IC-1701
Основные свойства:
• Expansion module IC-1701 has 8 fast binary inputs with configurable decision making level and 4 fast transistor outputs usable as PWM outputs or for operating up to 2 stepper motors.
• All inputs, outputs andindividual groups are galvanic isolated from input voltage and TCL2 communication.
• Status of every input is indicated by LED on module panel.
• Module is connected by withdrawable screw terminals

• Module gets two-wire connected to TCL2 bus, which ensures the communication between module and basic unit.
• Module designed for DIN rail mounting for standard circuit breaker cabinets.
• All inputs and outputs, TCL2 bus and power supply are connected to a module by 2 withdrawable connectors with screw terminals.