PLC Tecomat Foxtrot – expansion modules GT-1751, GT-1752, GT-1753
Основные свойства:
• Motion control modules serve for controling the position of machinery using servomotors.
• Modules are designated for simultaneous control of 1 up to 4 axes in different modes of interaction of movements.
• Control of every axis contains regulation circuit with PID regulator, where is information about actual position gathered using incremental encoder (IRC) or encoder with serial interface (SSI)
• Output of regulator is ±10VDC analog signal for servomotor.
• For entirety of controlling the axis, every axis has it´s own 24V DC binary inputs for connection of referential switch, two HW limit switches, switch of touch measuring probe and relay output for servomotor brake controlling.
• Individual axes can work as fully independent or with varied types of mutuality of axes movements.
• Up to any 3 axes can work in common linear interpolation while remaining axes can once again mutually work in linear interpolation, eventually in other mutual bond
• For circular interpolation it is possible to use any 2 axes (circular interpolation in one of 3 planes).
• Different types of axes dependance can be combined within one module
• Programming is supported by function block library MotionControlLib according to IEC 61 131-3 standard according to Motion Control specification defined by PLC open association.