Combined input/relay output module C-RM-1109M
Основные свойства:
· Module designated to be mounted on DIN rail, comes with combination of 3 analog inputs with common terminal and 1 analog output, then 8 binary inputs for dry contact sensing and 8 relay outputs.
· New generation of combined modules with relay outputs resistant to frequent capacitive loads. In newer projects these modules are recommended as replacement in place of C-HM-xxxxM module series.
· Analog inputs with 12bit resolution are configurable for both measuring resistivity of sensors supplied from common terminal, and for sensing pulses from standard S0 electrical meter outputs. · Analog output is voltage 0–10V with 8bit resolution.
· Switch contacts of 8 relays are all led out separately, and can be externally connected to a various voltage ranges or mutually connected into various combinations.
· Output relays with odd serial numbers DO1, DO3...have the best resistance on market towards short-term overload (inrush current). It is recommended to reserve these contacts for circuits, where more of such overloads are switched collaterally. Output relays with even serial number DO2, DO4... have lower constantly switched current sufficient for ordinary loads, even though they have increased resistant against inrush current as well.
· By pressing MANUAL CONTROL button, module is switched to manual control mode, in which every single contact can be controlled separately by button on front panel. Can be used in phase of installation, when the central unit isnť programmed or in case of emergency.

· Module needs to be connected with 2 wire CIB bus, which ensures communication of module with basic module and power supply.
· Module features special terminals for feeding from external power supply 24 V DC.
· Module designed for DIN rail mounting for standard circuit breaker cabinets.
· All inputs and outputs, TCL2 bus and power supply are connected to a module by 4 removable connectors with screw terminals.