Module of transistor outputs for stepper motors C-OS-0808M
Основные свойства:
• Module with 8 binary inputs and 8 transistor outputs. Ouputs are primarily designated for direct control of up to 2 stepper motors. Transistor outputs can be optionally used as common binary outputs, PWM can be activated on up to 2 outputs.
• Connecting module to CIB bus ( connecting power supply) is indicated by green RUN LED. If the module is controlled by CIB (Communicate), RUN LED regularly blinking. States of individual inputs/outputs are indicated by LED diodes. Individual outputs allow local manual control using uttons on module.

• Module needs to be connected with 2 wire CIB bus, which ensures communication of module with basic module.
• Module designed for DIN rail mounting for standard circuit breaker cabinets.
• All inputs and outputs, TCL2 bus and power supply are connected to a module by 4 withdrawable connectors with screw terminals.