CIB – Built in module with combined inputs/outputs C-IT-0202S, C-IR-0203S
Основные свойства:
• Both modules are designated to connect two temperature sensors or two volt free contacts.
• Every input can be set as binary for volt free contact sensing or as balanced input for security sensors.
• Every input can be set as analog for resistivity sensor measuring. To measure the temperature it is possible to use sensors of Pt1000/Ni1000, NTC12k type or semi-conductor sensor KTY-121
• Both modules are actors, both with two universal analog outputs 0 – 10 V DC, e.g. for dimmable ballast controlling.
• Module C-IR-0203S though being actor it has 1 extra power relay 16 A for switching of power loads.
• State and error/run is indicated by a LED diode on module (RUN).

• Relay contacts are connected using screw-type terminals.
• Universal inputs, analog outputs and CIB bus are connected using screwless terminals.