CIB – Module of AC metering of resistance combined with outputs C-IS-0504M
Основные свойства:
• Module with combination of 3 universal AI/DI inputs, 2 analog inputs for measuring resistivity using alternating current, 3 output relay and 1 semiconductive output with Pulse Width Modulation - PWM
• By pressing MANUAL CONTROL button, module is switched to manual control mode, in which every single relay or semiconductive output can be controlled separately by button on front panel.
• State of all outputs and RUN (error/run) is indicated by LED on module

• Module needs to be connected with 2 wire CIB bus, which ensures communication of module with basic module.
• Module designed for DIN rail mounting for standard circuit breaker cabinets.
• All inputs, outputs and CIB bus are led out on removable screw-type terminals