Модуль управления батареей C-BM-0202M
Основные свойства:
· C-BM-0202M is a CIB module that is designed as BMS (Battery Management System) master for sets of LiFePo4 battery cells.
· The master operates a communication line for data collection from measuring and balancing modules B-BM0201X connected between poles of individual cells.
· The master reads a voltage and a temperature from B-BM0201X and vice versa it sends commands to connect and disconnect the load in the process of an active balancing.
· It is equipped with 1 AI for sensing of a total current by Hall effect sensor and 2 relay outputs with NO contact (each one is lead on the terminal and separated from others). It is equipped with an optional emergency function of battery detachment and failure indication.
· It contains a power supply of 5 V and 24 V.

· The module is supplied from from CIB bus. The bus can have any topology and branches up to the distance of 500 m. The number of modules connected to CIB interface is 32. The max. current is limited to 1 A per one branch.
· A special bus for communication with a set of battery cells can be used only together with B-BM-0201X modules.
· Analog input is used to the total current measuring using Hall effect probe. An offset of an analog input is 2.5 V. This voltage corres