Главный модуль связи C-1W-4000M
Основные свойства:
• Module is designated to connect up to 40 sensors via communication bus 1Wire on CIB bus. 1Wire is low-speed data bus designed by DALLAS company.
• Module has two 1Wire buses, each allows connection of up to 20 sensors
• RUN - Run of a module is indicated by LED diode.
• Communication on 1Wire buses, USB and error states are also indicated by LED diodes.
• Module is configurated by application on PC connected via USB port.

• Module designed for DIN rail mounting for standard circuit breaker cabinets.
• Module has it’s own 24V Module ha it’s own 24V DC power supply.
• Module wiring diagram is in the picture
• Module has it’s own connection to PC via USB port on the front side