Универсальный свободно программируемый контроллер Tecomat Foxtrot CP-2080
Basic features:
The basic module CP-2080 is from the assortment of basic modules (ZM) of modular programmable controllers of the Foxtrot series 2, compatible with the harmonized standard ČSN EN 61131. The individual ZMs differ in the type of indication elements and the type of mounted modems.

The CP-2080 basic module is equipped with a total of 12 inputs / outputs:
- four galvanically isolated binary inputs
- two transistor outputs
- six relay outputs

The basic module is equipped with a central unit (CPU) of series I, which is designed for applications with performance requirements. It includes backed up memory for user programs, data, tables, user registry, DataBox, one microSD / SDHC memory card slot, real-time circuit, two Ethernet interfaces, one USB device and one USB host port. Two free slots for two optional submodules, each with one or two serial channel interfaces. In addition, two system channels with a master CIB bus for connecting external sensors and actuators, and a TCL2 system interface for connecting expansion modules that increase the number of I / O systems.
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